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 Recent events with Typhoon Yolanda have devistated parts of the Philippines.  FAAWC has several loved ones living in the damaged areas.  FAAWC is trying to put together fundraisers to help out people in the Philippines.  WE NEED YOUR HELP.  My Name is Kenneth L. Tarr, and I am looking for people to help.  We will take any type of donation but right now monies are the easiest and fastest way to assist the people.   If you are making a donation, it is tax deductible.  Donations can Be paid by check payable to FAAWC or Filipino American Association of Whatcom County.  

Contacts: Bill Sturgeon- 360 966-7703

Eddie Lathers- 360 961-2866

Kenneth L. Tarr- 360 319-7965

Barry Anderson- 360 715-1567


 FAAWC OPERATION HELP JAR is now rolling again.  Ferndale Senior Center will give their support.  We need can goods/Medicines.  Point of contact is Belenda Johnson.


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